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5 Signs That Tells You To Get a Mold Inspection

Molds are a large number of fungal species and can be found anywhere in damp and humid environments. You might think that if you don't suspect any mold in the bathroom, your place is mold-free. But, the truth is molds can be found anywhere in your home; they can survive in a bit of moisture. That’s right, you might not even know it, but you could have mold in your basement, dry walls, kitchen, and around the plumbing pipes. It can be dangerous for your health. When it is left untreated, it can wreak havoc on your family’s health. So, what are the signs of mold inspection?

1. Visible Molds in Your Home
The visible growth of molds on walls, ceilings, or floors is first among the most apparent signs of getting a mold inspection. If you face a problem of mold growth at a particular place, there may be chances that they are in the other places, too, which naked eyes cannot see. This is the sign that you should call for an inspection. As a leading mold inspector, we are available to come to your aid anytime.

2. Prior Water Damage
As we know, molds are likely to grow in humid places. If you have been facing an emergency water damage situation recently, it's time to get the mold inspection done because if there is water damage, then mold could surely follow. First things first, find the source of water damage to make an informed decision. Whatever the cause, don't leave it unattended. It can lead to many health problems. Reach out to us if you have faced any water damage recently.

3. High Humidity Environment
In a humid climate, mold inspection is necessary. There are several reasons why the moist levels increase, such as combustion appliances, using many moisture-generating devices like dryers, humidifiers, and many more. You can prevent high humidity at your place by having proper ventilation. Reduce clutter and make some space for better airflow to avoid high humidity problems. If still, you feel humidity at your home, then contact our mold inspector now.

4. Buying or Selling New Home
Buying a home is a big investment, and nobody wants to ruin it by dealing with mold problems. Always try to get mold inspection and testing is done before buying or selling any property. It is essential to ensure that you spend your money on the right one. Our professionals will help you with the inspection of molds. You can reach out to us by filling out a form on our website or simply giving us a call. We never miss a chance to serve our customers in the best way possible.

5. Sudden Change in Smell
Do you smell something musty? If yes, then you should try mold inspection at your place. It may be a sign that you have molds or mildew growing somewhere in the house. Sure, all sites have different smells depending on the people living in them, but if you see a sudden change in smell, it is crucial to find the cause. You may also experience a strange odor after heavy rain. Don’t forget to call our mold inspector if you face an odd smell for a long time.

Contact Us For The Certified Mold Inspector

To serve you better, we have certified mold inspectors. Our mold inspector will give you peace of mind by inspecting molds in your home with state-of-the-art equipment. We will take air samples and provide you with the best results. We understand how busy life can get, and people almost neglect these problems. But, mold testing is vital for your health. To set up your inspection service, you can fill up a form on our website or call us. We are just a call away!

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