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Molds are a large number of fungal species and can be found anywhere in damp and humid environments. You might think that if you don't suspect any mold in the bathroom, your place is mold-free. But, the truth is molds can be found anywhere in your home; they can survive in a bit of moisture. […]

  Mold growth on a bathroom ceiling looks gross and is very unhealthy, and mold stains can be challenging to clean. It can also lead to permanent damage to your home. Thus, moldy ceilings must always be checked by a pro and treated as soon as possible. Typically, ceiling mold growth has a black shade. […]

  You need to have a good amount of quality sleep every night to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and if you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, you’re likely to face several health problems. Mold in the bedroom contributes to poor health by causing disruption in your sleeping patterns. When you are spending […]

If you’re familiar with the Broadway musical “Annie,” you’ll know the song that proudly proclaims “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” While that’s a statement we certainly can’t argue with, we at Bona Fide Home Inspections would like to make a new lyric of our own: “You’re never fully dressed without clean clothes.” That […]

Mold in your home can be dangerous and can often cause illness. Most of the time, healthy individuals will recover, but it some cases, the effects of mold can cause long-term complications, especial when toxigenic mold is the cause. Those people who have a greater risk of becoming sick due to mold are the elderly […]

Whenever we see mold on something we are about to eat, we immediately become horrified. For example, if we see it on bread or cheese, our first instinct is to toss the food. However, when it comes to mold in their home, many people are surprisingly unworried. Perhaps like weeds, people feel that mold is […]

Mold exposure, particularly black mold, can cause a variety of health problems. A mold allergy causes the same symptoms that occur in other upper respiratory allergies, so mold exposure is often overlooked as the cause. Exposure to mold has the following signs and symptoms: Skin rash: Your skin doesn’t even have to come in direct […]

While a home may seem clean and tidy on the surface, many problems could be lurking beneath a beautiful exterior. There are few problems that homeowners dread hearing about more than mold. Under the ideal conditions, mold can grow in multiple areas of your home, mainly, areas of your home where moisture exists. It is […]

Cleaning up most messes is pretty easy. You spill something, you wipe it up. You drop something and it breaks, you pick up the pieces and throw it away. Something gets stained, you ask grandma the best remedy for that particular substance and you’re good to go. However, cleaning mold is a completely different kind […]

Mold is probably one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. It causes an unpleasant, pungent odor as well as dark growths on walls, floors and ceilings. Mold growth is not always so obvious. There are several things that could indicate you have mold or that a specific place in your home might be a prime habitat […]

As the weather warms up and the spring rains fall, the world blooms to life. While the grass is greening and the flowers are growing, so too are hidden allergens such as mold. In addition to proliferating outside, warm weather can amp if the growth of mold inside your home. Mold growth around the home […]

Most people don’t hire a home inspector on a regular basis. Knowing the correct things to ask when contacting them is important to ensure that you receive a quality inspection that meet all your requirements. Are you certified-Reputable home inspectors will be members of the American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of […]

Mold growth within a home can be a very serious issue. Black mold can render a home uninhabitable and can cause a wide variety of health issues. Most homes have mold at some point or another, and often it is minor and can be removed with common household cleaners. Do you know when is mold […]

Mold — it’s one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares. What makes it so dangerous is how easy it is easy for homeowners to underestimate it. Mold can quickly infest a home when there is a constant source of excessive moisture. The more mold that is present, the worse for your health, especially if that mold […]

Whenever you have more than 3 stairs either outside or inside, it’s always recommended that there be adequate hand rails / railings that you can grab on to both for support and in the event that you or someone trips and starts tumbling / falling down. The important thing with railings is to have handrails […]

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are always each equipped with Test and Reset Buttons If your home is equipped with GFI’s at various areas….it is important to know that you must occasionally push the Test Button on each receptacle periodically in order to keep the GFI working properly. When you push the Test Button, you should […]

Freestanding Water Heaters If you have a free standing water heater ( they usually come in 30, 40 and 50 gallon sizes ) and you’re ever in need of some additional water for whatever reason…you can drain whatever water is in your water heater by opening the bottom valve that looks exactly like a valve […]

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