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Where Can Mold Hide in Your Home?

While a home may seem clean and tidy on the surface, many problems could be lurking beneath a beautiful exterior. There are few problems that homeowners dread hearing about more than mold.

Where Can Mold Hide in Your Home?Under the ideal conditions, mold can grow in multiple areas of your home, mainly, areas of your home where moisture exists. It is a common misconception that if the presence of moisture is simply removed, then the mold will eventually die and cease to be a problem. While eliminating moisture indoors will repair a portion of the problem, that doesn’t mean that mold still cannot exist there. According to Home Inspector Sean, mold spores can lay dormant months or even years if the right temperature and nutrients are available, even if the moisture environment has changed.

It seems like an intimidating problem for a homeowner, especially considering the fact that there is nothing you can do to stop mold spores from existing into your home. But what you can do is be aware of where mold is most likely to form and be proactive if you spot a problem.

If you are concerned about harmful mold forming in your home, here are places that you should especially pay attention to:

The Bathroom
Your home’s bathrooms are a common sense place for mold to grow, because that’s where a great amount of moisture gathers on a daily basis. While mold can grow around your toilet, under the sink, or by having wet towels incorrectly put away, the shower is by far the most frequent place mold grows in a bathroom. And by far the most expensive place to repair mold in your home. This most often happens when cracks form in the mortar between ceramic tiles, and moisture gathers into the walls.

If you start to notice a strange smell around your shower area or if you are suddenly and inexplicably experiencing allergic reactions in your bathroom, harmful mold could be the culprit.

Your Attic or Basement
Mold often forms in a home’s attic if it is not properly vented or if there is roof damage. These potential issues are further exemplified as warm air naturally rises to the highest point in your home.

Basement mold is common if your home is older, has foundation cracks, sits on a poorly constructed slope, or is missing waterproof elements. All of these conditions combine to create a habitat of moisture in your home, a perfect environment for harmful mold to fold.

One way to help prevent the harmful spread of mold in your attic or basement is to carefully select your storage containers. Choose hard, plastic, and sealed containers rather than cardboard boxes. Cardboard is a perfect material for moisture to gather.

Your Kitchen
Keep a careful eye under your kitchen sink, near your refrigerator, and your dishwasher for mold forming. A musty smell in this area of your home is another clear indication that surface mold has formed. We recommend doing a quick check on these kitchen areas at least once a month to prevent the spread of damaging mold.

Mold can be removed quickly and safely from your home if you are aware of not only how mold can form, but where it is most likely to thrive. If you are considered that harmful mold is in one or more of these areas of your home, call Bona Fide Home Inspections right away to swiftly and carefully repair the damage. Reach our Rhode Island location at 401-644-3930 and or Massachusetts location at 617-390-1590.

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